What our clients are saying

Over the past 16 years we’ve had the opportunity to serve some great companies with visionary leaders that have forward-thinking teams delivering amazing results.

Being an extension of these teams has been such a pleasure. It’s always fun to hear feedback during the workshops, our business reviews, and when we’re developing processes through our quarterly projects. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say.

"Crushing our revenue goals at over 300%!"

The goal I had when we engaged with Convergo was to leverage the marketing components of our V/TO™. I had recently taken on the Marketing Seat in addition to the Business Development/Sales role and knew we needed to create clarity in our messaging and create a plan to develop a more robust pipeline for sales. With Convergo’s approach we developed a more intentional Ideal Client Experience (ICX), that went well beyond marketing. It helped us align our team to enhance our client experience. It has been one year since starting the relationship with Convergo and we are crushing our revenue goals at over 300%!

Kate Norton
Vision Spark

"We are prospecting like never before."

Convergo's program with Fanatical prospecting has been a real game-changer. They have helped us by taking out the guesswork. The training has been great and we feel like we have been modernized considerably with our new techniques. We are prospecting like never before and are having much better conversations due to the quality of the training.

Hary Spaight
HGI Technologies

"Crystal clear view of the plan we needed to execute."

The revenue growth plan you helped our sales and marketing teams develop gave us a crystal clear view of the plan we needed to execute as we recovered from the COVID-19 crisis. I was most excited to see how your team guided us through developing [our] Ideal Client Profile in addition to thoroughly thinking through and building out GoldSky’s Ideal Client Experience.

Ron Frechette
GoldSky Security

“It challenged our perspective of how we’re seeing things.”

“End to end the whole [growth workshop] process was both philosophically and concretely practice-related. The whole process was so positive for us. It challenged our perspective of how we’re seeing things, and it made us look at things in a new way on how we could approach things differently. And then to actually walk away with concretes – knowing we can do this to get all that down the road. The process was really productive for our team.”

Julie Spear
Bobsled Marketing

” We received an actionable framework for ongoing execution.”

“When we reached out to Convergo regarding a specific marketing need, they did not just give us a bandaid solution. They asked great questions and spent time truly understanding our business. I was amazed on how they addressed the marketing side as well as the financial impact. They did not just give us marketing “fluff” that I often seen with marketing vendors but were super pragmatic in their plan. We received an actionable framework for ongoing execution of our content strategy that will enable us to engage with our clients that are an ideal fit for our business.”

Alec Broadfoot
Vision Spark

“Notebook full of great ideas!”

“As always thanks for a wonderful meeting. I leave each time with a notebook full of notes and GREAT ideas.

Rachel Grover
Promark Research

“Light years ahead of where we started from.”

“Thank you for your professional guidance and training of our sales force. Organizationally, we are light years ahead of where we started from.”

Dave Alfredo

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