Capitalizing on Convergence To Grow Your Dealership

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Growing your business can be tough - it's time to capitalize on convergence and grow your managed service retainers and your copier dealership's revenue and profits.

If you want to grow your business, you need to look for areas of opportunity. These opportunities are typically found in areas of change. In our channel, we find change where things converge.

Where you find convergence, you find opportunity. Here are three convergence opportunities that could help you grow your dealership’s revenue and profits.

Business Processes: Paper and Digital Convergence

The first convergence opportunity is business processes. Since most business processes involves some kind of paper, you have unique ability to help streamline business processes.

Documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through our clients’ business processes. In today’s world, documents and the information they contain exist in multiple formats and multiple locations. When we streamline the flow of this information, we help them improve their business in ways like increasing profit, enhancing competitive advantage, and improving their security.

Multiple formats and locations for information slow down business processes. This not only affects a company’s bottom line, it affects their customer experience, employee morale, and vendor relationships. Security and compliance issues are often in play in these environments as well.

Every prospect and client has business process issues. Fortunately, you are uniquely qualified to help in this area since you specialize in documents and have the technology to easily move documents between paper and digital format.

Service: Print and IT

The second area of convergence opportunity is service. Since you have deep experience in providing responsive service, you have an excellent opportunity to support all of your clients’ technology.

For years you have provided field service support for office equipment. In the mid 1990’s when the first digital copiers emerged on the scene, you were forced into learning about networks. Most copier dealerships now have over 20 years of networking experience. This experience has only grown deeper as you have become involved in scanning, workflow solutions, and printer management.

If you have entered the Managed Print Services space, you have developed competency in network monitoring as you deploy solutions like PrintAudit on your clients’ networks. In this environment, you have also moved from being a reactive service organization to a proactive partner.

What this means is that you are uniquely qualified to help clients monitor all of their technology. You can also help them move from experiencing the frustration and downtime of a reactive support approach to enjoying the productivity of a proactive approach. This can apply to every aspect of their technology

Sales and Marketing: Face-to-Face and Digital

The third convergence opportunity is your sales approach. Since you have both deep sales experience and technology expertise, you have the opportunity to capitalize on new buying trends.

Let’s face it, the internet is not new. Neither are social media platforms. In 2014 (yes, four years ago!) Brett Adamson and Matt Dixon at the Corporate Executive Board discovered that digital was winning in the first half of the buyer’s decision making process. They discovered that buyers are on average 57% of the way through their decision making process before they engage with a company or sales rep.

What does this mean? Prospects are online. That means you need to be as well.

The convergence of face-to-face and digital is profoundly changing the sales process. It has also led to a convergence of marketing and sales. There can no longer be any lines drawn between these two functions. They are the same thing.

Since over 90% of B2B buyers use search engines, you have the opportunity to get involved in more deals if you can get found online.

A good website boosts your business - by answering their most asked questions on your website. For free. The buyers that find you need to find a website that answers their questions. It should be educational and resourceful. Your website can never be static – it always needs to improve to support the growth of your company. It needs calls-to-action (CTAs) so you can turn visitors into leads.

Similarly, sales needs to become digitally integrated. The old days of 100 dials and praying in a world where nobody answers their phone is not enough. You need multiple touches with sequences that integrate email, phone, and social to get appointments.

Similarly, telemarketers need to evolve to become Sales Development Reps. In addition to picking up the phone they watch internet traffic, listen to social media, monitor your website chat, and respond instantly to online leads.

Positioning Yourself To Win

How can you position yourself to win in these areas of convergence? Here are a few ideas.

Talk About Your Client’s Business Goals and Challenges

Most websites and sales collateral are all about the greatness of your dealership, your people, and your products. While these are important, every one of your competitors is saying the exact same thing. You will shine when you make your message about how great your prospects and clients are. Communicate about their business goals and challenges. Then show them how you can be their guide to success!

Look Like a Credible Source of IT Support

Your clients know and trust you as a their copier and printer service company. Your branding, website, social media need to position you as a credible source of IT services.

Embrace Convergence

Convergence is your friend. Convergence is the gateway to new opportunity. Look for it. Embrace it! It’s the key to sustainable growth.

Darrell Amy

Darrell is on a mission to help great companies grow revenue. He co-founded Convergo, where he serves as the Chief Innovation Officer, helping companies develop revenue growth strategies. Darrell is the host of the Revenue Growth Podcast and the co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast.

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