What Inspires us

As a Traction/EOS company we’re guided by our vision and values. These provide a filter for the decisions we make and team members we add. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to learn about our DNA. 

Our Vision

We want to play a key role in helping some great companies grow revenue.

Great companies are dedicated to providing a friendly work environment, delivering excellent service, and giving back resources to impact their communities. We believe that the world is a better place when companies like this are growing. This provides more jobs and more finances for good causes.

We’re thankful that we get to serve so many great companies. If you’re one of these companies and not yet one of our clients, we’d love to be a part of your team. We want to help you grow!

Our Values


Our team members love to learn. We’re avid consumers of books, podcasts, and webinars. We love new ideas, always looking for new ways to help our clients grow. As a result, we do a lot of teaching. Each month we get together to share what we’re learning. For our clients, not only does teaching show up in our sales training, it also shows up in our strategy and quarterly review sessions.


We bring excellence to everything that we do. From detailed strategies to creative tactics, we enjoy being a part of a team that brings extra effort to deliver the highest levels of professionalism.

Measurable Outcomes

Our goal is to drive measurable revenue growth. As a Traction/EOS company we use scorecards. This means that we measure everything we do across all of our clients. This lets us recognize areas of opportunity and areas for improvement.


It’s important for us to work hard and we love what we do. We strive to create a culture of fun. We have a blast hanging out in our virtual world with our team and clients. 

Our Methodology

We use the Traction/EOS methodology to drive results.

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We help companies that use EOS® create and execute revenue growth plans so they can hit the 1, 3, and 10 Targets™ on their V/TO®.


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