Do you have a plan to hit your revenue goals?



Do any of these sound familiar in your organization?

Our growth trajectory and revenue goals are not aligned.

Our Visionary or Integrator is wearing a sales and marketing hat and wants to be able to delegate this to the right person for the job.

We are good at what we do, but sales and marketing is in the way of growth.

Our Sales, marketing, and operations are not aligned.

We are thinking of making a strategic (expensive) sales or marketing hire.

We want to grow the business and we’ve tried different strategies, but it’s not working.

We are thinking of adding sales reps to help us hit our revenue targets.

We don’t know if the marketing we’re doing is working or how to track our efforts.

“The goal I had when we engaged with Convergo was to leverage the marketing components of our V/TO™. I had recently taken on the Marketing Seat in addition to the Business Development/Sales role and knew we needed to create clarity in our messaging and create a plan to develop a more robust pipeline for sales. With Convergo’s approach we developed a more intentional Ideal Client Experience (ICX), that went well beyond marketing. It helped us align our team to enhance our client experience. It has been one year since starting the relationship with Convergo and we are crushing our revenue goals at over 300%!”

Director, Client Strategy
Vision Spark

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