Tools to help Integrators.

As proud partners of FIM, we wanted to provide some helpful tools and resources to help all of you Integrators! We are always adding to our provided resources, so check back for more later. If you have any requests for tools or additional helpful items, please email and we will add it into our pipeline.


See the opportunity to grow your revenue

Why is this important?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the five key steps entrepreneurs can take to overcome the challenges of limited time, experience, and resources and build a solid and scalable sales and marketing function. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, these insights can be applied to your specific industry and tailored to your unique needs.


Why is this important?

This will help you improve your scorecard to better support your business goals.

By doing a self-assessment, you will evaluate:

  • You will develop action items to make immediate improvements.

Why is this important?

We will help you make your sales scorecard drive better results.

What you will get:
Actionable steps to improve your sales scorecard.


  • Discuss how you are using your scorecard.
  • Discuss the specific metrics on your Sales scorecard and how they relate to your business goals.
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Why is this important?

If you know the financial potential of 100% sold clients and how many of your clients current are not 100% sold, you can set some pretty solid cross-sell goals!

Read more specifically about the 100% sold concept here.

By following the self-assessment, you will evaluate:

  • How close your business is to fully cross-selling your client base
  • The financial impact of 100% sold
  • Strategies on how you can improve your cross-selling

Additional Resources

[Worksheet] Sales Pipeline Metrics Impact

Calculate the overall financial impact of improving your sales pipeline conversion rates.

[Checklist] Marketing Strategy Evaluation

Fill out the checklist to see if you are fully leveraging the marketing section of your V/TO™


“Instantly aligned to move forward”

Convergo helped us clarify our organization’s ideal customer and the value of that customer, then helped us focus on getting more of those customers and grow them to be “all in” customers.

We had a new VP of Sales and Marketing participate in the workshop and the process of going through the workshop got her up to speed and allowed us to be instantly aligned to move forward.


Lisa London, CareerSafe

“saved six months of time from an alignment perspective”

I started my role as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing of CareerSafe the same week Convergo helped us work through our Revenue Growth Plan. Participating in the workshop saved six months of time from an alignment perspective. I came out had a strong framework of understanding of current situation and future sales, marketing, and operations opportunities. This clear alignment of focusing on our current Ideal Clients and gaining more Ideal Clients was invaluable!


Sherry Pruitt, CareerSafe

“Helped us hit our growth goals”

We began working with Convergo in October of 2020. We dug deep into the concept of the Ideal Client Profile – who they are, how we can attract them, how we can find them, sell to them and continue to grow our business alongside theirs. Convergo helped by bringing our sales, marketing and client delivery teams together with a clear focus on our ICP – a game changer for us.

Evaluation of our book of clients from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2021 found our number of clients who fit our ICP has nearly doubled in one year and we more than achieved both our revenue and profitability targets for the year. Having the team sing from the same song sheet around ICP has sharpened our focus and helped us hit our growth goals.


Julie Spear, Bobsled Marketing



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