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Does this sound like you?


  • The wrong people are managing your sales team

  • Your Sales Scorecard is just not working for you

  • Your message is unclear and inconsistent across Ideal Client Journey/Proven Process

  • Your sales process is non-existent or not followed

  • Your CRM is not working for you

  • You don’t have consistent, predictable sales performance

Sales should not stand in the way of you from growing your business.

Increase Sales

Build in Visual Builder

This layout allows you the full ease of the Divi builder, without resorting to fetching library items.

Animation of the tabs is controlled using Divi’s on-load animation options. Set a color background to the page so that any background colors don’t flash through during the transition.

Some medium-level CSS is used to style the blurbs. You should be able to edit the icon, and text colors, as needed.

Compresses on Mobile

On mobile, the blurb tabs compress into buttons, with the icons left aligned.

You can manually control the break points of the tab titles by putting your text in the Blurb Description area, and inserting a <br> item.

This layout only works where the tabs have equal heights, controlled by equal lines of text. I’ve used the description area instead of the Blurb header area. This allows granular breakpoints.

Build the assets to grow

We help you sell more services to the right businesses by optimizing your growth assets around your Ideal Clients and their journey to drive consistent, predictable revenue growth.



  • People – Your team is aligned around Ideal Clients and their journey

  • Message –  Your message speaks to your Ideal Clients and guides them through their journey

  • Systems – You have playbooks to acquire and sell more to Ideal Clients and supporting scorecards and technology



We learn about you, you learn about our approach to growth, and we both learn if we can help you.

We develop a Plan to sell more services to the right businesses.

We help implement the Plan with fractional services, change management, consulting, and coaching.

Take the Journey


At Convergo we know you want to grow your business. The Convergo team has been helping B2B companies achieve success in sales and marketing for over 20 years. Here’s what some of our clients have said:

“As our company’s visionary, I like the process and focus Convergo has brought to the Wild West side of the business. As sales and marketing people are intent on selling to all comers, Convergo has helped us concentrate our efforts on our Ideal Client to make sales more predictable and repeatable.”

Jim Millican

Visionary, Ashton Solutions

“Companies who have been running EOS® for a couple of years and have their operational foundation built should look at Revenue Growth Engine to take them to the next level. It is really EOS® for Sales & Marketing.”

Forrest Derr

President, Altaworx

“Convergo helped by bringing our sales, marketing and client delivery teams together with a clear focus on our ICP – a game changer for us … Having the team sing from the same song sheet around ICP has sharpened our focus and helped us hit our growth goals.”

Julie Spear

Integrator, Bobsled Marketing

Be a success story


Helps entrepreneurs sell more services to the right businesses with Fractional Services, Systems, Messaging.


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