Get the sales skills your team needs to succeed in a virtual environment.

Are your reps equipped to sell and manage client relationships remotely?

Current conditions have mandated most sales reps to shift from face-to-face selling to digital selling. There is a huge chasm between a remote meeting managed effectively, and one that is not. Field sales reps that are able to manage selling virtually will have an advantage over their competitors. This requires mastering new skills like using technology and planning to manage relationships, sales calls, opportunities, and account management.

We’re Prepared To Help

Digital Sales Experence

At Convergo, we have spent the past 16 years selling in a digital environment.

Field Sales Experience

Our team brings over 25 years of sales and sales training experience.

What You'll Learn

How To Drive Effective Online Meetings

Reps learn best practices to drive sales meetings via PowerPoint over platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and Go-To-Meeting.

How To Prospect Using Digital Tools

Reps learn how to combine phone, video messages, and social networking to prospect.

Discovery Skills In a Digital Meeting

Reps learn how to lead a discovery meeting with prospects in a digital format. 


How To Manage Client Relationships Remotely

Reps learn how to manage their client relationships through social, email, and online meetings.

Remote Periodic Business Reviews

Reps develop skills to deliver engaging periodic business reviews with online meeting technologies.

Proposing and Closing

Reps discover ways to use PowerPoint and other applications in an online meeting.

What’s Included?

Virtual Training Sessions

Two options:

  • Live: Seven live training sessions with your team and downloaded recordings for later viewing.
  • Recorded: Access to all seven training sessions for download and viewing at any time.

Optional Add-Ons

Make the change stick with:

  • Adoption Planning
  • Process Implementation
  • Sales Rep Coaching
  • Sales Leader Coaching

Practical Field Sales Tools

Downloadable tools like:

  • Sales Call Planning Worksheet
  • Soft Costs Planner
  • Proposal Planning Worksheet
  • Outcomes Framework
  • Business Review Agenda and Framework.

Fanatical Prospecting

The book, Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount, gives reps a powerful framework to prospect effectively. Reps master skills that enable them to prospect efficiently and effectively. As a licensed training partner, we’ve customized Fanatical Prospecting for the technology industry.

What Reps Will Learn

A New Mindset Towards Prospecting

Reps develop a Fanatical Prospecting mindset.

Effective Phone Prospecting Skills

Reps learn how to overcome prospecting reflex responses, brushoffs, and objections

Attention Grabbing Voicemails and Emails

Reps learn how to leave messages that actually get answered. 

Ways to Process Rejection

Reps learn how to handle rejection in their brain and from prospects.

Time Management

Reps learn how to manage time to create highly-productive call-blocks.

Master the Prospecting Pyramid

Reps discover how to find the low-hanging fruit while also developing high-value target accounts.

Why are we doing this?

Your sales team cannot lose momentum!

This is not a time to sideline your sales team. This is a time to equip them to drive activity, conversations, and closing in a digital environment.

Success Stories

We are experienced in delivering engaging online training. While this program is new, here’s what managers and reps have said about our previous Fanatical Prospecting online training.

“helped my tenured sales team”

This training not only helped my tenured sales team with needed skills to manage relationships remotely, it provided reinforcement of basic sales skills that are now much needed to support remote selling.

Dave Barrows Director of Sales

“We are prospecting like never before!”

Convergo’s program with Fanatical prospecting has been a real game-changer. They have helped us by taking out the guesswork. The training has been great and we feel like we have been modernized considerably with our new techniques. We are prospecting like never before and are having much better conversations due to the quality of the training.

Harry VP of Sales

“delivered far beyond my expectations”

Convergo’s Virtual Selling Skills delivered far beyond my expectations. It provided concepts to help them manage their day-to-day world in a virtual environment as well as tools that will help them manage sales opportunities and account management virtually or face-to-face. The timing was opportune for our sales team and the Convergo training allowed us to experience the very same environment (remote/ virtual) that our organization will be facing. Definitely worth the investment.

Stu Wise President and Chief Opperating Officer

The Details


We know your reps need to stay in the field and on the phone. The format is a live online course twice weekly. 

Bi-weekly 45 minute online sessions
Run in multiple time slots to accommodate time zones


Digital Sales Skills: $595/rep

Digital Sales Skills + Fanatical Prospecting: $895/rep 

Special offers available for Convergo digital marketing clients. 

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