fanatical prospecting
FOR virtual sales REPS

Develop the critical prospecting skills your team needs in a virtual sales environment. 

Upgrade Your Reps' Prospecting Skills

The book, Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount, gives reps a powerful framework to prospect effectively. Reps master skills that enable them to prospect efficiently and effectively. As a licensed training partner, we’ve customized Fanatical Prospecting for the copier industry.

Net Promoter Score Results

Following the last event, we asked Sales Managers: “How likely are you to recommend the Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp to a friend?”

What You'll Learn

A New Mindset Towards Prospecting

Reps develop a Fanatical Prospecting mindset.

Effective Phone Prospecting Skills

Reps learn how to overcome prospecting reflex responses, brushoffs, and objections

Attention Grabbing Voicemails and Emails

Reps learn how to leave messages that actually get answered. 

Ways to Process Rejection

Reps learn how to handle rejection in their brain and from prospects.

Time Management

Reps learn how to manage time to create highly-productive call-blocks.

Master the Prospecting Pyramid

Reps discover how to find the low-hanging fruit while also developing high-value target accounts.

Success Stories

Check out what previous attendees are saying!

“team is blocking power hours and making calls”

This program has had a huge impact on our teams prospecting; before the boot camp we were not using tele-prospecting on a daily basis or even weekly for that matter and now the entire team is time blocking their power hours and making calls and scheduling appointments!

Rachael Sales Manager

“We are prospecting like never before!”

Convergo’s program with Fanatical prospecting has been a real game-changer. They have helped us by taking out the guesswork. The training has been great and we feel like we have been modernized considerably with our new techniques. We are prospecting like never before and are having much better conversations due to the quality of the training.

Harry VP of Sales

“improvement with consistent prospecting”

Overall, I’ve had improvement with consistently prospecting. I also really like that my team is making sure to have set call blocks. I really enjoyed Lisa. She is very skilled and a great get for your team!

Lee Sales Manager


I have just completed the program and I found it to be beneficial to my professional growth… and to my sales pipeline! The coaching sessions helped to reinforce the material covered in the class and made it easier to apply the techniques and processes that were presented in the weekly class sessions. The curriculum helped me develop a prospecting methodology that is both successful and repeatable. 

Jeremy Sales Professional

“I’m getting a much better return on voicemails.”

Lisa was a phenomenal communicator. I’ve gotten used to RBO now–a little push back from a coach helps. I’m getting a much better return on voicemails. It has also helped my time management.

Christopher Sales Professional

“Set up for success!”

Lisa did a wonderful job in making the concepts of the class simple, and easy to immediately apply. I would recommend this program to any sales professional or manager looking to build a simple and effective prospecting method that creates immediate results.his was an amazing class!!! 

Jeremy Sales Professional

Return On Investment

The ROI is kind of a no-brainer, but let’s give it a shot:

Average Selling Price of a MFP: $7,500
Average Gross Profit: 30%/$2,250
Training Investment: $795
Return on Investment on ONE Net-New Deal: 183%


The Details


The format is a live online course once a week.

We will run the classes multiple times a day to accommodate your sales team’s schedule.  



Cost/Rep: $595

Coaching Option: $795
In addition to the weekly training calls our sales coach will work one-on-one with your rep(s) once a week to role play and coach them through implementing the Fanatical Prospecting.

Get Started!

Interested in Fanatical Prospecting for to hone their skills and drive activity during this season of virtual selling? We’d love to help. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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