How Do You Reach And Connect With A Disconnected Buying Committee?

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Sales

There is a reason school kids have been working in groups – that is how they are going to work in business! The more people in the decision making group the harder it is to make a decision. So it’s even tougher when you’ve lost touch with your buying committee. And that is easier and easier to happen now with the size of buying committees and people working from home, rather than in the office.

So what can you do when you have lost touch with your buying committee. Here are some things to try once that happens, but keep reading to see what you can do to try and avoid the problem.

Options once your buying committee has disconnected:

1. Try connecting from multiple methods – email, phone, snail mail, etc.

2. Connect with as many committee members as possible in a variety of ways.

3. Do some research to see if you can find out what is going on with the company or buying committee members.

4. Ask your closest committee member directly what is holding the decision up.

5. Try and align the team to the reason they were buying in the first place.

  • If it is financial, calculate how much they are losing on a daily basis by not signing.
  • If it is to be compliant with new regulations calculate the potential liability of not be compliant by the amount of time they are delaying.
  • If you are saving time or driving other efficiencies, calculate the loss by not signing by day.

To reduce the risk of the buying committee disconnecting make sure you:

1. Understand the buying committee members and their roles in this decision making cycle.

2. Understand what the common challenge or problem is for the group.

3. Understand what the individual challenges or problems are for the committee members.

4. Make sure your solution addresses the overall challenge and the benefit the organization will reap.

5. Make sure your solution addresses the challenge for each buy committee member and their team and what they will gain from choosing your solution.

It always stings when you get disconnected from a buying committee. They engaged you earlier, don’t give up easily. Keep reaching out respectively, but creatively.

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