What Service Departments Can Learn From Taxis and Uber


On my way to and from the airport to speak to a group of CDA service managers in Austin, TX, I was forced to take a regular taxi since Uber and Lyft are not allowed in Austin for some reason. After several years of not having to endure taxis, I began to see the taxi cab experience from a new perspective. I now have an even deeper appreciation for what makes Uber special.

Many industries have been built on excellent service. Looking to companies like Uber and adopting what they do right can give us ideas of how to sustain that competitive advantage. (more…)

The Average Age of a Network Administrator is 36-What This Means For Your Copier Dealership


In doing research for a presentation I’m doing for a Copier Dealer Association’s service manager’s meeting, I discovered a statistic that should make all of us pay attention: 36 is the average age of a network administrator according to a recent New York Times article. Yes, that’s the average age. That means there are many in their early thirties and late twenties.

What does this mean to your dealership? Even though the people sitting in the c-suite may be baby boomers coddling their 401K’s as they sail into retirement, the youngsters they have hired to manage their information technology are digital natives.


Five Critical Components of an Effective Blog

Smart businesses blog regularly on their websites to enhance their search engine placement, fuel their social media strategy and position themselves as subject matter experts. Sadly, many businesses miss key aspects in their blogs, sabotaging their effectiveness. Last week as I was evaluating a blog for a business that was using a cut-rate blogging service I discovered several key deficiencies that were hurting their results. In this article you’ll learn the key aspects of effective blogs. (more…)