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A partner for growth

The goal of every business owner, sales team, and marketing manager is to grow revenue. However, when it comes to finding partners you’ve only had two options. First, marketing agencies understand branding, advertising, and digital marketing but don’t understand sales let alone know our industry. Second, sales trainers can help coach your sales team, but they don’t have the capability to integrate your marketing.

Convergo is a new kind of partner focused on driving revenue growth. We do this by executing on a Revenue Growth Engine strategy that delivers effective marketing while enabling your sales team. All of this get delivered by a team that knows your industry. The end result: revenue growth.


Our Mission

We help great B2B technology companies grow.


Industry Experts

Our team knows B2B technology sales. We’ve invested our careers in this industry and know many of your partners and friends.

Sales DNA

You get access to a team with field sales experience. We know what it takes to be successful in the field.  

Digital Marketing Experience

The web, search, social, email, and inbound marketing are not new to us. We’ve evolved in the digital marketing space since 2004.

Business Strategy

Everything we do is based on strategy. Our goal is to earn the right to be a strategic partner in your business decisions.


Marketing and sales enablement requires the latest technologies. You get access to our relationships and expertise with leading growth platforms.


With Traction/EOS as our operating model, we hold ourselves accountable for results. You’ll see this on display with our Quarterly Strategy Reviews.

Our Team

Meet the team of professionals with deep industry sales and marketing experience.

Darrell Amy
Chief Innovation Officer

Lisa Dalton
Sales Enablement

Lindsay Meade
Client Marketing

Bill Poole
Growth Strategist

Are We a Good Fit?

We take our client relationships seriously. Our goal is to be more than a vendor.
We want to be a core partner investing in your growth.

Great Company




Invest in
the Future

If you have solid company values and are not just trying to make a quick dollar, we're a great fit.

Our team does our best work with clients that have values that we can get behind. It’s a pleasure to serve companies that we’d like to come to work for.

  • You have visionary leadership that wants to create a great future for your company.
  • You foster a corporate culture that is open to new ideas.
  • You have a heart to give back to your community.


If you're willing to invest in your future we're a good fit.

The strategies, systems, and skills that you need for the future require an investment. You realize that you are building the infrastructure for the future of your company. This requires three types of investment:


  • Leadership: You need to be the catalyst and cheerleader for change.
  • Time: We won’t crowd your busy calendar, but you need to be involved in quarterly review and strategy meetings.
  • Money: Nothing worth having comes without some kind of price. Our commitment to you is to show an ROI on every dollar you invest.

If you have an eye to building what's next, not constantly reliving the past, we're a good fit.

The world is changing. While the values of hard work and excellent service that got you where you are today will never change, you realize that some of the way you do things must change.


  • You approach new ideas with an open mind.
  • You are willing to read and discuss books on marketing and sales strategy.
  • You plan on creating a sustainable future for your company.

If you want a partner that is actively involved with your management team we're a good fit.

 One of the key reasons programs succeed is of management involvement. We know that when management is involved, the program has a much greater chance of driving revenue growth.

  • You want a partner focused on driving top-line revenue, not just being a marketing agency.
  • You are willing (under non-disclosure) to share real goals and actual results related to the key metrics of # of customers and revenue per customer.
  • You believe in participating in quarterly strategy meetings to review progress and set strategy.


If you use a process like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) we're a good fit.

Most of our clients use the EOS/Traction methodology to continuously improve their business. The key to business success is a consistent, sustained march towards a better future.


  • You know that there are no quick fixes or silver bullets.
  • You value execution.
  • You measure and improve in other areas of your business.

Could We Help You Hit Your Growth Goals?

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The world needs great companies that provide meaningful work and give generously to their communities. Convergo helps great companies grow revenue so that they can provide more jobs and give more to their communities.


Revenue Growth Engine™ is a registered trademark of Revenue Growth Engine and used with permission. #EOS and the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a registered trademark of EOS Worldwide.


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