Symptoms That Your Content Plan is Not Working

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Sales

The importance of content is often overlooked in small businesses. The truth is, content enables revenue generation, and cost reduction:

  • Revenue Generation: Great content enables prospects and clients to navigate their experience with your business quicker, with a higher success rate
  • Costs: The largest check that most businesses write is payroll. Compelling content that answers prospects’ and clients’ questions helps Sales and Client Success teams be more efficient. Effective content enables your Sales and Client success teams to get more done with fewer team members.

If you are curious if your content plan is working, here is some insight on some symptoms you might be seeing if you are not using content as an enabler in your business. For clarity, there are 3 different categories of content that we discuss:

  • Net-New (Top Funnel) Content: to compel prospects to engage with your team
  • Net-New (Mid Funnel) Content: to support your prospect as they navigate their buying process
  • Cross-Sell Content: to support the ongoing delivery of services and cross-selling for things like onboarding, delivering services, quarterly reviews, and renewals.

Net-New (Top Funnel)

Net-new (top funnel) revenue-related symptoms of not having content

Not getting enough web leads
Low conversion rates

Net-new (top funnel) cost-related symptom of not having content

Paying for leads is expensive (PPC, outbound)

Net New (Mid Funnel)

Net-new (mid funnel) revenue-related symptoms of not having content

Prospect experience is slow and affects the time to close and begin revenue generation
Success/Close rate is lower than it should be
Sales reps’ message is not supported by company-created content, this affects trust credibility, and results

Net-new (mid funnel) cost-related symptoms of not having content

Sales reps spend too much time creating ad-hoc content that is likely not as effective if it was centrally controlled and created.
Sales reps take more time to accomplish their tasks
Sales team is frustrated with the lack of support, and this results in rep attrition


Cross-sell revenue-related symptoms of not having content

Clients are not aware of everything that you do, so the opportunity to increase rev/ic is affected
Client meetings are not as effective as they should be because clients are not prepared for meetings
NPS/Client sat is lower than it should be
Clients are not compelled to invest additionally with your company

Cross-sell cost-related symptom of not having content

Client success teams need to work harder teaching and supporting clients

If you are experiencing some of these things in your business, executing on a content plan targeted at your Ideal Clients may be the answer.

Businesses that commit to leveraging content realize these benefits:

  • More revenue with improved win rates
  • Quicker time to revenue because of removing the friction that prospects and clients have as they experience your business
  • Increase the value of the business by positively impacting the brand and generating more trust with prospects and clients
  • Reduced payroll costs for sales and client success teams.

How do you use content to help your prospects, clients, and team members?

Bill Poole

Bill is the Visionary/Integrator at Convergo where he focuses on helping companies running on EOS® leverage the Managed Growth System to grow revenue.

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